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Tired of listening to an automated system when contacting a giant financial institution? Do they just throw your loan application on a stack of others that have to get approval in another part of the country? A locally owned bank means personal customer service. Give us a call, email us, or just stop in and we'll be happy to talk with you about your financial dreams. Maybe you want to start a new business, purchase a new home, or remodel an existing one. If you can dream it, we can help you make it happen. ::Current Loan Rates::

Mortgage Loans
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Your home may be the largest investment you make in your lifetime. With a confusing maze of products and programs available to borrowers, the entire process can seem overwhelming. Central Bank can help take the worry out of applying for a mortgage by walking you through the process. Using our loan calculators will help you determine the appropriate price range in searching for that perfect home. The next step includes considering which type of mortgage plan may be right for you:

  • Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans offer a locked-in rate for the life of the loan. You can count on the same monthly fixed principal and interest payment. Typical loan terms range from a 15, 20 to 30 year fixed rate mortgage.
  • Ballon Loans are a source of financing typically offered for special use properties, when rates are expected to decline, or when the borrower expects to reside in the property for a short term.
  • CentralCHOICE Home Equity Line of Credit gives you the flexibility to assist with any short-term borrowing needs you may have. CentralCHOICE is a personal line of credit determined by the current equity in your home. Use your home equity line for college tuition, home improvements, big purchases, or even to consolidate debts. The interest may be tax deductible, however we suggest talking with your tax advisor to see how CentralCHOICE can benefit you.

Rural Development Guarantee Loan Program
offers 100% financing for the purchase of a primary residence to qualified borrowers. Talk with one of our loan officers to determine if you are eligible for this program.

--Lenders in your area--
Bank NMLS: 579222
Geneseo Mortgage Lending Officers Phone: 309-944-1627
  Nancy Jackson NMLS: 463988
Fulton Mortgage Lending Officer Phone: 815-589-3232 or Toll Free 800-828-8941
  Karrie Kenney NMLS: 757597
Princeton Mortgage Lending Officers Phone: 815-875-3333
  Jaimie Rosenthal NMLS: 1253864
  Tracy Makransky NMLS: 1087072
  Jeff Hunt NMLS: 757595
Peru Mortgage Lending Officers Phone: 815-220-1865
  Linda Hessenberger NMLS: 477893
Rochelle Mortgage Lending Officers Phone: 815-562-5571
  Dale Wells NMLS: 797913
  Matthew Williams NMLS: 587842
  Jeff Glen NMLS: 797915

You can also submit a request and we will have one of our lenders contact you. Making the mortgage process worry-free is our goal at Central Bank.

Consumer Loans
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Everyone has a need for extra money now and then. When you do, see Central Bank and discover how easy and fast it is to apply and receive your answer. We make personal loans, auto loans, boat loans, debt consolidation, lines of credit, and much more. For your convenience, payments can be automatically transferred from your Central Bank account.

  • Auto Loans are available when you're ready for that new car. Use our Auto Loan calculator to find out just how much car you can afford to drive. If you are considering leasing your vehicle, click on our Buy or Lease an Auto Calculator to assist you with your decision. You may also click on the NADA Official Used Car Guide to assist in determining the value of your trade.
  • Personal Loans are available for personal, family, household or even unexpected emergencies to help you out fast. Our Loan Calculator will help you plan and determine an approximate payment amount.
  • Protect your credit rating with a pre-authorized line of credit. An Overdraft Protection Line of Credit will cover those inadvertent overdrafts, pay the checks presented, and retain your good credit standing. Flexible repayment terms are established for your line of credit.
When you need a consumer loan or wish to establish a line of credit, call or submit a request. We'll give your request the attention it deserves.

Agricultural Loans
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Many partnerships have been created between Central Bank and area farmers since 1907. With our many years of experience, our loan officers and board of directors make loan approvals right here. Whether your farm operation includes livestock and/or crop production, our lenders work to structure loan terms to fit the needs of your operation.

  • An Operating Line of Credit can be established to keep your operation running smooth at all times. This line of credit makes it easy to budget and handle the ongoing expenses for your ag needs.
  • Our Real Estate Loan packages offer you convenient terms and payment options when you're ready to refinance or purchase additional farm ground.
Farmers enjoy flexible terms and competitive rates to help them succeed. Contact our Ag Lenders or submit a request for more information.

Commercial Loans
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Our commercial lenders offer the financial experience and long term planning to help your business grow. Whether you're beginning a new venture or growing a current one, Central Bank has the right business tools for success.

  • Whether you are starting a new business, expanding, or want to refinance, Commercial Real Estate Loans are available to match your need.
  • We can provide you with an Operating Line of Credit to assist with cash flow needs and projections.
  • Term Loans can help you with short-term capital purchases and keep your business operating smoothly.



Note: The loan calculators are used for example calculation purposes only. You can use these calculators to estimate monthly payment for
several loan types. The calculated amount is an approximate value and may differ from the bank's calculation. The loan fees mentioned are
for example purposes only, and can vary depending upon the type of loan and service provided. Terms and conditions are subject to change.


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