The Homestead Festival Medallion Hunt sponsored by Central Bank is officially upon us.

A total of five clues will be released. The first clue will be posted on the Homestead Festival Facebook page and Central Bank’s website and Facebook page beginning Sunday, September 3rd at 5:00 PM and will continue each day thereafter until the medallion is found.

The lucky winner will receive $1,000 in Princeton Chamber of Commerce gift certificates and a ride in the Homestead Parade on Saturday, September 9th.

The Medallion is approximately 3 ½ inches in diameter, 1/8 inch thick and has the Central Bank logo on it. It will be hidden on PUBLIC PROPERTY within the CITY LIMITS of PRINCETON, and in a location that WILL NOT pose any danger to searchers. Nothing needs to be broken into, dug up, or torn apart to find it. The Medallion is NOT hidden at City County Park, the Bureau County Fairgrounds, the Amtrak Station, or at any of the local cemeteries. If you find the Medallion, please call the phone number on the back. When the Medallion is found, an official announcement will be posted to the Homestead Festival and Central Bank’s Facebook pages and the Central Bank website.

The goal of the Homestead Festival Medallion Hunt is to provide fun and excitement in an effort to get the annual Homestead Festival off to a great start. The Homestead Festival Medallion Hunt is open to everyone except families associated with Central Bank.


Clue #1

This year’s Medallion Hunt has begun. Don’t look too much into the clues as you begin the fun. As you search “Let Your Dreams Take Flight”. Balloons on Saturday overhead will be in sight. Many new events this year to participate in. But the Medallion Hunt will go on with your hopes to win.

Clue #2

Look up, down and all around. Feel free to roam the grounds. Our clues may lead you to fame. So come and be a part of our game. You may have to walk uneven roads. Before making your way home.

Clue #3

This is Central Bank's 5th year hosting this quest.  Search North, South, East and West.  Central Bank loves this time of year.  Be sure to get your brain kicked into gear.  With $1,000 on your mind.  Search safely and the medallion is what you may find.  

Clue #4

Two nickels equal a dime. At noon it's break time. Think carefully a small hint may ring a bell. This place has easy access to recovery and to get well.  If you've been searching in the sun for hours. Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers. 


Clue #5

Whether an Avenue or a Parkway. The hunt is well underway. Keep an eagle eye out for a dock. The prize is not under a lock. If you have been searching high, it is time to search low. Take a seat on the deck and look below. 


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