We get it — life happens! Unexpected overdrafts can occur from time to time when surprise expenses pop up. Fortunately, Central Bank offers a few ways to keep your balance and credit protected. With overdraft lines of credit, savings transfers, and overdraft privilege, keep your finances in your own hands. 

Overdraft Lines of Credit

Connect an overdraft line of credit to your checking that’s there for emergency coverage in case you ever make an overdraft.

  • Connected to your Central Bank checking account
  • Serves as overdraft protection in case you overdraw
  • Line limits and repayment terms centered around your needs
  • Helps protect your credit rating
  • Available to all Central Bank customers

Savings Transfer

Your savings is always there to catch you. Link a savings account to your checking and use your back-up fund to cover any mishap. In the event that you make an overdraft, your savings will be transferred to cover the amount.

Overdraft Privilege1

This service allows you to overdraw your account up to a disclosed limit — for a fee — in order to pay a transaction. It’s always available as secondary coverage if the other two protection source have been exhausted.

1Note that Overdraft Privilege is subject to approval.

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