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Your home may be the largest investment you make in your lifetime. With a confusing maze of products and programs available to borrowers, the entire process can seem overwhelming. Central Bank can help take the worry out of applying for a mortgage by walking you through the process. Using our loan calculators will help you determine the appropriate price range in searching for that perfect home. The next step includes considering which type of mortgage plan may be right for you:

  • Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans offer a locked-in rate for the life of the loan. You can count on the same monthly fixed principal and interest payment. Typical loan terms range from a 15, 20 to 30 year fixed rate mortgage.

  • Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Loans are a source of financing typically offered for special use properties, when rates are expected to decline, or when the borrower expects to reside in the property for a short term.

  • CentralCHOICE Home Equity Line of Credit gives you the flexibility to assist with any short-term borrowing needs you may have. CentralCHOICE is a personal line of credit determined by the current equity in your home. Use your home equity line for college tuition, home improvements, big purchases, or even to consolidate debts. The interest may be tax deductible, however we suggest talking with your tax advisor to see how CentralCHOICE can benefit you.

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You can also submit a request and we will have one of our lenders contact you. Making the mortgage process worry-free is our goal at Central Bank.

Note: The loan calculators are used for example calculation purposes only. You can use these calculators to estimate monthly payment for several loan types. The calculated amount is an approximate value and may differ from the bank's calculation. The loan fees mentioned are for example purposes only, and can vary depending upon the type of loan and service provided. Terms and conditions are subject to change.